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Game.. Guess What My New Gadget Is

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So just got a new gadget.. its pretty damn cool..

Ive taken a photo of a little part of it..... but can you guess what it is..


ill give ya one clue for will be going in the car.

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looks the business Brett,,,,

i was thinking of using it as an on/off from standby, but mostly for the audio integration with winamp,, scroll, next track volume etc,, but it is fully programable for all aplications...and is bling.,.worth the 40 odd bucks

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i was gonna get one of them for video editing etc. but more importantly cos i like the look of it! must look good in the car!

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a multi purpose usb knob, for volume and selecting songs on the carputer etc ???

do you just stick this somewhere and program it to use like a volume control?

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comes with the software, and you just assign actions, you got turn left, turn right, click, long click, click and left, click and right,,

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