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Not the same as the other topic in Engine and Transmission, but my alternator stopped working on my '93 400.

I've had it towed to the Lexus garage [ here in Dublin ] , and they and I think it's the old Power steer leak.

While I do think the alternator replacement is probably going to be a nasty hit, they are saying they have to replace the whole PAS pump , costing about €1500 or so.

I thought one only had to do the seals !! I said this to them and they said they don't bother doing that - it's not worth their while to get involved.

I asked them if I got them the seals would they fit them they said no...I'd have to find someone who could do that ! this is a Lexus Garage not a cowboy !

what options do I have : :blink::tomato: help !

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If you read my post on power steering i imported from USA.The cost for a remanufactured pump (marval) was $258 +$50 core+$150 shipping+£50 import duty approx.

If you convert to pounds or euros that is a big saving compared to Lexus.You could get the seals replaced for about £150 in UK but felt the above is the best bet, no having to take old pump off to be re sealed etc.

I purchased my pump from ozzis autos and have used them before for parts,they are good.

Speak to John on 770-552-5280 or email

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Ok. I've asked for them to replace the Alternator but not the pump just yet... I'm not a money tree. I've asked about the shield, though...


So : If one did actually want to get just the seals done. I have contacted Lexus in Belfast and they say a seal kit is £22.

Does anyone know if this will actually fix the problem [i.e. getting a seal kit in ]

Further, does anyone know of someone who will actually fit the kit ?

If anyone has the manual for the car, could they have a look and check it out ?

Or am I basically taking too much effort on this :)

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