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Some :tsktsk: scum decided to take a key down the driver and passeger doors this week whilst I was at work.....

I wanted to ask if anybody has any experience of a company called 'Chips Away' - talking to them this week they say they can match the colour (aztec red) at about a quarter of the price of a respray.

Is this too good to be true?

or should I bite the bullet and get it done by a professional body shop?

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Thanks for replying...

I've heard some mixed reports and guess they are only as good as the person carrying out the work.

I've decided not to chance it and have opted for the body shop approach. It is alot more expensive but at least I'm guaranteed a good result.

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This is my first post here on this forum, i was just surfing the net because I am looking to buy an IS200 Sport as my new company car. Anyway, back to the thread.

Chips Away are a franchise. As usual, it depends on who it is that's doing the work. It is possible to match the paint to a car. There's a big book with all the paint codes/mixtures in it that enables the smart repairers to find the exact colour for your car. Then you spray and laquer it. Bobs your uncle :-)

I know this because my family owns a company called "*****" based out of the ***** area. We do smart repairs to vehicles etc and also run a bodyshop. If it's damage in the middle of a pannel, I would recommend that you take your car into a bodyshop and respray the whole pannel. Smart repairs don't work very well for areas like this because you can usualy see a halo round the area that has been painted. It's a bugger but it's worth spending the money taking it to a bodyshop to get the whole door sprayed. Otherwise you might be very disapointed with the finish. My best advice would be to ring around and ask prices. Whatever you do, don't go through a Lexus dealer (mucho expensive). When you get your quotes back, go for a middleish one. If you can, go take a look at some of the other work they are doing at the time. It will give you a good idea of how good they are.

Hope this has been some help to you.



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