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Repairs To Bodywork

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Last weekend someone (a pedestrian, not someone in a vehicle) was nice enough to put a dent in my nearside front wing whilst it was parked.

Sometimes I despair at such acts of random vandalism. How would they feel if someone put a dent in their car?

Anyway - my insurance company has asked me to get a quote from a Lexus dealership. These are my options:

1. Lexus Hatfield - who do not have their own bodyshop but use another company for their bodywork stuff.

2. Lexus Edgware Road - who do have their own bodyshop.

3. The insurance company's approved garage.

Obviously, option 3 is my least popular choice, however, regarding options 1 & 2, does anyone have any recommendations?

Is it better to use a Lexus bodyshop or a bodyshop approved by Lexus?

Has anyone had experience (good or bad) of using either Hatfield or Edgware Road for bodywork repairs?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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question: how bad is the damage? if s is not too bad then pay for it yourself save hassle/process from insurance to make cost go up unless u protected no claims?? obviously not from the other insurance (if any) by sound of it.

from my experience as its car dealer body shop & VERY expensive(obviosuly no worry if is insurance work) dont mean its the best. not saying lexus is good or not. if your going elsewhere & paying for it then i look at their example of work on customer cars. thats what i did & well pleased with result of work carried out on my car when it was needed a while ago.

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