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Calling International Rescue

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Have just had the Gas, coming home from trip out and ALL Electrics died whilst driving.Managed to pull over and get up a verge (lucky verge!) and had a quick shake on Battery live post and it apparently restored a connection. After ageing 15 years and having now got rid of the shakes, can someone point me in the right direction or should I call out the vet and have a lethal injection!

When I limped home and got on the ramp I looked closely at the Battery Live post and I removed some white residue from connection, but is that all it could be?

Your comments will be most welcome.

Thankyou in anticipation. :crybaby:

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It does sound like the Live Side of the Battery is having intermittent connection problems, remove the both connections from the Battery and clean with "Light" sandpaper and also clean the wiring side of the connectors.

Also check the fliud level in the Battery, this may also have had an affect. Depending on the age of the Battery you may want to think about changing the Battery aswell.

You can also take your motor to most car shops that have garages at the back to have your charging circuit check aswell as the Battery.

Hope this helps



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