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Can Anyone Hlep Or Advise?

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Just wanted to some advice and info from the gurus on this forum.....

I came back from swindon yesterday (to essex) about 150 mile journey, plain sailing no stop start traffic did about 70-80 mph all the way. I parked the car up on the curb and got out.

There seem to be some signs of smoke coming from the underside, I look and it seemed the CAT was producing this bit of smoke (which I could smell) not bellows of smoke just some.

Really wanted some advice of what it could be, what could cause it and implications (costwise)

I had the car serviced and had the aftermarket backbox replaced wth its original standad one (due to noise) recently (about 2 weeks ago) I'm sure there was no smoke before the service and after (although I never drove it for more than 30 mile stint)

Can anybody help? Didn't get much sleep last night :(


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See how it is over a couple of days. May just be a bit of road tar that got stuck to it and is being burnt off.

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