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Just been idly looking around the website, reading Pops's problems, Graybeards problems, Maneesh's solutions etc etc, and thinking about my car.

I bought it in March 2001 with 92k on the clock from an unknown car lot for £9500 (a high price) not knowing anything about Lexi or this website (so I'm impulsive!).

Since then, I've replaced 5 tyres (with Vredesteins - brill tyres), 1 set of brakepads still good (Halfords), a proper set of plugs for £65 (which cured a very slight misfire) and changed the engine oil (Halfords semisyn) a few times. Every time the drivers side w/wiper needs changing I can only replace the rubber - anyone know how to get the blade off, mine wont budge??

Its now done 143k miles, the oil doesnt change colour from change to change, I tow a large caravan frequently in all weathers, twice now to mid France for summer hols and I drive it every day to work and back (6 miles each way) - it goes - it stops! I get 17 mpg towing (ouch), 21ish to and from work, and 28ish on a trip to my parents in Cumbria (800m round trip) all motorways at about 85 (sorry officer 70).

The a/c works within 10 secs of pushing the button, the clock is black as is the a/c screen, but hey, I've got a watch and I dont need to be told whether I'm too hot or cold - I just know! The wheels need a bit of a refurb but not badly. I've got a faint strange squeal from under the bonnet at about 1400 rpm, not more not less. (I must get round to looking at that!).

My only seriousish prob is that the instrument panel doesnt light in the cold weather for about 10 minutes - soon as I get the cash together it'll be going to D's in Newbury.

Was I right to pay (unknowingly then) a high price - yes I think so - was I lucky - oh YES.

Am I a smug git - yes (sorry)

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You seem to have managed with practical solutions so far. At the end of the day, it seems you have got fair value for money based upon your usage. I mean if you pumped £9500 into a nearly new repmobile, you'd be losing money (on paper) in terms of heavy depreciation, so it's all swings and roundabouts really in the long term.

Now you know your car better and there are certain things you can put up with, it should be a lot easier to maintain.

Regarding your squealing at 1400rpm, it could be:

Cambelt (harder to replace) or serpentine belt (easy to replace).

As long as it's not squeaking/chirping, because that would mean the idler pulley for the timing belt or the idler pulley for the serpentine belt.

You should be able to get the wiper blades off in 5 seconds. Lift the bonnet up first and then you should be able to press on the U mounting plastic clip on the blade and the blade should slide straight out.

I changed from Lexus blades to PIAA (as their super silicone rubber needed PIAA blades), and the difference is amazing. Even on dry glass no squeaking AT ALL!

From the sounds of it you are fairly lucky, but I guess part of that is due to you owning a Mk2 so a lot of early design issues were sorted out in the redesign.

Enjoy the car, with correct maintenance it might outlast you!! :D :D

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