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Pal/rgb Converter

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can anybody help?

I know this is a bit of an old favourite but i really cant find the answer in previous posts. I have just recieved an ntsc/pal - rgb converter and was hoping to find out where to fit it in my 98 aristo vertex. I have seen the wiring colours for newer gs and is on here but not for mine.

What is the actual cofiguration of it all, in the boot there is an amp, nav unit and another little box which i thought might have been the tv tuner but i am not sure.

If i got this converter to work i was hoping to install a dvd player as well.

Would love the sat nav to work on the original screen but i dont think this is possible?

Does the tv picture go through the sat nav unit?

Any help would be super before i blow myself up.

Why am i doing this? I don't even watch the bloody telly.

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Not sure on your car, but as far as I know on the imported ALTEZZA with japaneese sat nav and japaneese TV tuner this is how it works.

Head unit controls TV tuner option, audio/video.

TV unit wires via SAT NAV box (TV tuner selections must control via sat nav box, with sat nav box removed and interchanged with UK sat nav box, TV tuner button fails to work on oem radio.

The sat nav therefore is probally the heart of the system, as it is the main feature of the monitor (primary) you should really tag your connections from there.

You will find the colours easily as all you need to know is the Red Green Blue and sync.

There is normally a shileded cable with about 5 cables inside.

I know this may sound a little silly, but if you were to have the system on and cut onyou will start to loose the colours on the monitor one by one when you find the correct ones... i.e cut the wire that transmits your Blue (in RGB) and the blue colour will go from your display leaving it a little pinky/green.. you can do the same for the other colours, once you find the SYNC colour the picture should be line'e and flicker.

If I were you I would follow the colours that refer to your YEAR of car being simular model, as the colours from DVD NAV and CD rom nav are different colours slightly.

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