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Directions To Cyprus

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dad and his cousin are driving to cyprus sometime this week as cousin has brought his mom a merc and delivering to her over there.

dad wants a map from here to cyprus, anyone no of any websites i can print a map from?


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RAC.hmmmmmmmm doesnt work, where in greece would you get the ferry from to cyprus, you can do it that way on the RAC website then

cyprus, isnt listed as a country

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yep, found cyprus :blush:

or contact these peeps, and ask them.......


* Salamis Tours, Ltd. - Piraeus, Greece and Rhodes, Greece; and Limassol, Cyprus and Haifa, Israel

Tel: (05)355555 Fax: (05)364410

i asked my old man who used to run trucks around the med, he said you really have to go through Turkey, or get a Freight ship from Italy or Croatia

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its jus a C class merc for my dads cousins mom so nothin to fancy like sat nav

matt-thanks we sorted it, gonna get the ship from italy to cyprus.

aint drivin through turkey,greeks+turks= no way,no sir no how especially in turkey

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