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Guess this the first post here!

anyway, am thinking of getting an IS200 would buy an IS300 however insurance is quite a bit more expensive. but got a couple of Qs....

What would I expect to pay for say a 2000/1 IS 200 SE/Sport with reasonably low mileage?

What would people recommend? I said I'd never buy a car without cruise control but, how much of a difference is there between the manual and automatic models?

Finally, the $64,000 question....would an IS300 be worth the extra expense in purchasing and insurance?



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Hi. Dunno about pricing or IS300. Automatic is quicker 0 to 30ish but overall noticeably slower. I have a manual but the dealer i use has automatic courtesy cars so get to drive both. Cruise control no good for my journey as I drive on a very busy motorway.

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