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I have a 1998 GS300. A couple months ago I had the batteries replaced in the keys. All worked fine for a month or so. However for the past month they have both packed up. I have been back to Lexus to get them reprogrammed. All ok, but then died again. Went back to Lexus who say the the door control unit is failing. Somehow got water in it. The only thing is to get the unit replaced (£400) or keep replacing the batteries. They managed to get it working but has gone again.

Is this reasonable, can anyone offer any suggestions to get out of this jam. Currently using manual key lock, but has no alarm activation

Due for a 60k service in a couple months. Not quite sure what to do.

Ears open for advice

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Ask them where the door ctrl. unit actually sits??.............why is h2o getting in?......all sounds a bit fishy! This is a MKII isnt it..............sorry i'm not much help but this sounds weird :blink:

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