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Hi all,

When choosing a Lexus LS400 which of the two options below should I select ?

1) An old Lexus (1993) with low mileage (60k)

2) A newer Lexus (1996) with high mileage (180k)

Assume both have a full service history.


I went to see one today which supposedly had 82k but looked like it had gone round the planet a few times; I felt quite disappointed but it didn't have a service history so I shouldn't have been surprised.

Also to avoid getting ripped off can I call a Lexus garage to confirm that a particular vehicle has actually been serviced ?

Like so many others venturing out to buy a Lexus I am afraid of ending up with a car that may need an awful lot of work; is there anything I can do to reduce my chances of getting a rubbish one ?

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Go for choice no.2. The newer the better, unless you really are mad about the older shape like some of us!

Also, a newer car is more likely to have only had one owner who has looked after it from new, rather than several owners who have not (a generalisation I know!)...

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