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Power Tailgate Question

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Page 52 of the owners manual states that the rear door warning beep can be disabled by the dealer but my dealer advises that this cannot be done. Has anyone actually managed to have the beep stopped or know how to do it thereselves?

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It would need to be programmed by your dealer - not something you can do yourself. I would contact Lexus GB and ask them to verify this can be done. If it can they will be able to send the procedure to your dealer.

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I asked the dealer to do this but last time I was there they did not have the new RX software to do it. Must check to see if they now have.

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John, just curious - did you get an answer to your question?

The beep is really starting to get on my "beeping" nerves.

Any idea on the price?



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Seems like it is not possible to disable after all...

I've also been waiting for the dealer to get the software upgrade afer being told by them that it was possible. I called Lexus GB customer service this week and got the following information back on the warning beep and why details of disabling it are in the UK owners manual:

"I have done further investigation into this issue with our technical

department, and they have indicated that the RX300 does have an adjustment

for the beeping signal of the RX300 tailgate. However, the sound volume is

automtically defaulted to the lowest set volume. If you are, however,

referring to the sound from the interior cabin that can easily be

de-activated at your Lexus centre.

Unfortunately, the beeping sound when the RX300 tailgate is closing cannot

be de-activated as this is standard feature on all U.K. specification

models. It has been decided to be a safety feature that is required for

this region, U.K. models are thus assembled as such so that it is incapable

of de-activating. However, other foreign models do allow for this feature

to be de-activated.

It follows, that we use a standard set of manuals that incorporate all

models world-wide, and this means that all features are included for every

RX model. However, some features are region specific based on the safety

requirements and the like.

I hope this clarifies the issue, but please be assured that our technical

department are looking into this issue with our management team and will

look to include this note in future manuals."

Oh well, would have been nice though.

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