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Aristo V300 On Racetrack

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More Lexus craziness at Knockhill race circuit : (18Mb)

You'll need quicktime to play

Older movies available at :

I think I'm the only Lexus/Aristo to have raced Knockhill EVER. So the next time someone says your barge can't handle, check the videos!

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Ta! Some people say smaller sports car handle better - true, however, you can't get 4 wheels & slicks into an RX8 so que Lex with it's massive back seats and boot.

The big Lex gets quite a bit of attention at the track 'cos everyone thinks it's a bus. It now runs 68s / same as Subaru Impreza WRX.

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The WRX sits in at 265bhp, I run 280bhp. The WRX is lighter however, and has more bhp per tonne at the crank. The 4WD means it loses something like 100bhp thru the transmission opposed to about 40 or 50 thru the 2WD Lex transmission, so on a motorway or long straight the Lex is a wee bit faster.

The torque is good on the V300, I blew away a Subaru Impreza from standing start on the 1/4 mile, you could really see the Imprezas power loss as it hit about 70MPH. I did have to turn the boost up to 1.1 bar / 320bhp.

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