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OK folks the motor is back in tomorrow for a brake pad change at the back (to fix a knocking noise at the front - don't ask?!)

Do they have to bleed the system as Gord tried my car and remarked how spongy the brakes are (they're a little bit ******* lately)

Now I saw an install of the brake lines today and was left wondering would the system need bleeding like it was for that install if just the pads are being replaced??

Warranty is up in 3.5 weeks so it's a race against time to get all the little niggly problems sorted (and it's going to cost me a bomb!)

Thanks in advance

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Changing the pads doesn't require bleeding.

The only time the fluid needs to be touched when changing pads is when some fool has topped up the reservoir and then when you push the pistons back in, the level goes over the maximum line and you have to take some out.

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Sounds like someone has done that to you then Colin!!

Thanks for the heads up guys anyway, will ask them to sort it out tomorrow so I can then see exactly what the braided hoses are like when they go on in a few weeks :)

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I may be talking crap here (I'm sure someone will correct me if I am :P ) in the case of the IS200 but I had a problem with spongy brakes on my previous car (Impreza) after upgrading my brake lines to Goodridge, fitting uprated Pagid grooved discs and pads all round and replacing the fluid with DOT 5.1

After the upgrade the brakes were very spongy and I had them bled twice but it made no difference. Then someone told me that it was due to trapped air in the ABS system and to cure it you need to give the ABS a good workout :ohmy:

It was winter at that particular stage and the first time there was a little snow I gave the ABS a good testing and had the brakes bled again.

I have to say that it did work and my brakes felt like they should after forking out £££ on upgrading them.

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