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Just Bought An Is200 - Few Sat Nav Qs...

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Hey guys,

Have finally purchased my first Lexus! Got a silver 2002 '51 reg IS200 Sport Navigator with 22000 miles on the clock for just under thirteen grand. Had to fly up to Edinburgh to get it but figured it was worth it for the price. Anyway, have been using the DVD sat-nav and had a few questions...

Is it normal that the voice directions simply appear to come out the right speaker? I had expected the sat-nav to shut the radio down totally, but it appears to simply stop it in the right speaker..? Also, does anyone else think that the volume levels are set way too low? If you have the window/sunroof open, and music even fairly low, you need the volume all the way up on 7 in my opinion.

Secondly, can anyone say whether the newest version has pubs as points of interest? I was quite surprised to find that (to the best of my knowledge), the 2001 CD has 'wineries' as a category, but not pubs?!

Lastly, when searching for a point of interest, is it not possible to choose your category, and then say 'find the nearest'? E.g. when searching for a pub, or perhaps a better example, a petrol station, there's no point trying each one individually and seeing how far away it is - can you not find the closest PoI to where you are?

Am very pleased with the car on the whole!

Many thanks!


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Yes, the satnav voice only comes out of the drivers side door speaker and drops the volume slightly to the rest of the speakers while it does so. I know you can adjust the level, but I've been happy with the settings since I got it.

I think my DVD is Sept 2002 - I'm not aware that there's a separate pub category although I know some pubs that are also landmarks, restaurants etc., are on there. Anyway, you'd be better off getting hold of a copy of the Good Beer Guide - it'll give you more detail about the pub then you can type the address into the satnav - best of both worlds ;)

Don't think there's a 'find the closest POI' feature, if there is I haven't found it. I usually just display the POIs then zoom out a bit and guess!

PS - HID opted for the top-of-the-range satnav in her Audi Cabrio. I can safely say that compared to the Lexus DVD satnav, the Audi one is utter pants! :lol:

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