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Changing Brake Pads

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Just replacing my brake pads and have a few questions:

whats the small metal square that sits behind the lower clip for? and is it important as mine are rusting away - can I buy a new ones?

The brake shims have started to rust away, I'm trying to get some from lexus today (before I go away this pm) so I can fit some new ones, I have only done one side at the minute, will I be ok driving with one side new pads, one side old (20% left on them)?

I noticed there is a arrow on the brake shims, should it point in a particular direction?

The old pads were very difficult to remove, I had to prise them out with a screwdriver. The new pads went in fine. Does this just mean the old ones had expanded or is there a problem elsewhere?

Cheers for any help


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i had to get the screwdriver on mine too to get the old ones out, i think its just all the brake dust and poop that gets in there that makes em stiff mate.

i dont remember finding a small metal square behind my clips but i did give the clips a good clean and they came up a treat.

dunno what a brake shim is :unsure: but my brake pad change went fine and didnt take long with the exception of a snapped banjo bolt which chris sorted out for me.

i should think you'll be ok driving with new pads one side and old the other but the car may pull to one side under braking.

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