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I've got a 1998 model LS400 (mark 4).

I use a SonyEricsson P900 phone, which supports Bluetooth. I want to install a cradle for it anyway, so I can charge it in the car, but I'd still like it to be interfaced using Bluetooth.

I've had a look under the bottom cover of the centre front armrest, and located the socket near each hinge which I believe is for the factory fit system. I don't have anything installed at the right hand side of the boot so I presume I'm starting nearly from scratch.

The information I'm looking for is:

1) a wiring diagram for the two sockets

2) availability of plugs to fit straight into these sockets. Although I could splice directly into the wiring, it's always nicer to use a plug if a socket has already been provided. Ideally I'd like to buy the pair of plugs with wire tails already attached.

I can buy a Bluetooth connection kit with hifi mute directly from SonyEricsson. Also they do a cradle for my phone. So rather than paying someone to fit it all, I just need the information so I can do it myself. Car electronics doesn't bother me, and I am always wary of other people installing stuff in my pride and joy. :) At least if I do it myself I'll know that no corners have been cut.


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My U.S. spec June/2000 LS400 also has a phone socket under each armrest hinge. Maybe they are the same as yours.. To mute my Nokia kit I had only to stick its mute wire into the front center terminal of the socket plug on the driver's (left here in the U.S. of course) and secure it with a wire tie. There was also power and ground in the same socket and there might be connections for playing the call though the front audio system speakers and to the steering phone phone control and microphone.

I searched for a compatible plug but could not find one at electronic supply stores where I live. Perhaps you could find a discarded Lexus phone kit with the plug. I have been told that the socket to which I connected the mute wire is for the "Portable Plus" phone and that the other socket is for the Lexus fixed phone. This may not be reliable information.

Information about the sockets is not in the US/Canada repair manuals for my LS. Perhaps it is in the electrical manual or in the Lexus phone installation manual.

Information on how I installed my Nokia kit in my 2000 LS is at:

Have you considered using a mute lead. lists one for your LS. Although made for Nokia kits, I think they have adaptors for other brands. I purchased one of their mute leads but found that it was compatible only with the standard or Navigation systems sold in the US but not with the Nakamichi upgrade mine has.

Best of luck.

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Your doc is superbly written and very informative. Thanks very much for posting it. I've actually registered with and printed out some wiring diagrams, but I thought I didn't have a full wiring loom as I couldn't find the connectors in the boot. Now I've seen your pics I realise they're secured to the underside of the toolbox slot like yours, because I can see the foam-wrapped wire in your shot and it looks identical to what I've seen in mine.

Also I didn't realise you could get the mute circuit to work without having the Lexus transceiver installed. That's useful to know. I thought I was going to have to build something with relays in it to achieve that.

Thanks again,


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