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My car is three years old in December and not sure whether to get rid of it or keep it. One thing that puts me off keeping it is that its outside of warranty.

Do Lexus provide extended warranty? If so, do you know how much it is?

Or is it of the general opinion that its not worth doing this and just pay for repairs as and when needed?

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Yeah you can get extended warranties, if you speak to the dealer they should be able to give you a price, can't remember exactly off the top of my head but think you're looking at between £700 - £900 for 3 years.

Sounds a lot but nod bad at all if a major component needs replacing.

Thinking about it myself as the warranty is up in a couple of weeks and I'd like to cover the standard bits that I have left!!!

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Just enquired with Lexus GB and they said that its £530 per year & unlimited mileage to extend my warranty but I can do until the car is 7 years old.

I know it will be worth it if anything major goes wrong with the car but its like paying my insurance all over again for something that might not happen!!

Anyone got any views? Would you do it?

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Maybe tempting fate here but I'd just do repairs as and when they come up. My car's 5 years old, I've had it since April and touch wood it's been pretty good apart from needing a new wheel bearing which set me back £170 ish (not via a dealer though).

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Personally I don't bother and most things that will need replacing will be due to wear and tear (brakes/suspension) so won't be covered anyway. But the price of some spares are expensive. Brake master cylinders have been known to fail on 1998-2000 GSs at £1800 + fitting a throw. A Sat Nav screen or main Sat Nav unit failure could cost £2000 each etc.

Have you looked a warranties provided by third parties? Some have claim limits and may not cover all items but they are cheaper.

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