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Rh 400 Hybrid Info

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There is a very good thread with good pictures and articles (Inside and Outside of the car) on the RH 400. A mine of info I should say.

here is the link:


Happy reading!

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If the consumption figures were to be believed there would be little point in purchasing a RX400 other than the environmental issue and slightly better performance, which the estimated premium of £5000 just does not justify . Unless the official figure is considerably better I will cancel my order for the '400' and get the 2005 '300'.

Looking at the pictures of the RX400 I personally consider the wood trim of my current car to be far more 'classy' and why is the transmission selector so big?

It surely does exactly the same job as the Prius selector which is about 3" long and is siuated in the dashboard. Still early days yet and probably a lot will change between now and the launch date.

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According to the article the car will get 28mpg with the standard car getting 22mpg. Then take into account our euro spec cars are 3 litre and not 3.3 litre and the fuel economy arguement is out the window. I tend to get around 23-24mpg anyway so you are looking at a tiny saving.

So you have tiny fuel cost saving versus big price hike for the car.

Unless you are buying the car purely for the increased power output it starts to lose it's appeal. Especially if you combine these facts with no gear select ability and apparently no air suspension!

If toyota is concerned expectations of hybrids is too high, maybe they should have produced a more measured speech for Denny Clements and all press releases since. They made the claims! Compact sedan mpg - my *****.

I'm increasingly glad I moved my deposit over to and subsequently bought the RX300 SEL.

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reading the thread one understands that nobody knows what the mpg average will be,28, 31 or 38 mpg?... so little point in discussing this yet.

You cannot select gears on the Rx400h because it has no gears as such, why the selector is as big as a normal automatic... looks more solid maybe?

In Paris I was told that the car will only be available in the Se-L version, or President in France, WITH air suspension. But this may differ from country to country.

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I have not read the article but from the figures quoted above it seems that they are claiming a 20% better fuel consumption which does not seem too bad. Maybe if it is a £5000 price hike and that's all the difference then it would not be worth it but there are other improvements too, and we are supposed to feel so much better after doing our bit for the environment :yack: . We must remember they are talking US gallons which are what - about 3/4 of our gallons?

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33.6 real mpg (US 28mpg) for the 400h and the current RX300 is 23.2 mpg. I'd say that is quite an improvement. Also remember that the urban figure is normally better than the Extra-urban figure on a hybrid so this will be a big benefit for people driving around town.

Also you cannot really compare the 400h and the 300. It's not just about fuel saving there is also the extra performance. If they used the 4.3 V8 in the RX and compared its mpg to the 400h it would show how much of an improvement there is using the hybrid system.

Talking to my dealer they expect a £3000 premium in price although that is not official.

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