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I've tried searching but can't seem to find an answer to my question.

Basically my IS about 2 years old now, and the Escaine part of the seats is starting to look a little tired and also a dull grey rather than the deep black they were when new. Is there anything that can be done to freshen it up? Tried using a suede brush but didn't seem to do much ;)

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Cheers thats excellent. First of all I had no idea that it was a trademarked product, instead thought it was something Lexus made up!

Also had no idea that Ecsaine and Alcantara are made by the same company

But thanks, it seems that soap and water are all you need so I'll give it a go

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Great link squarehead.

I was told that Ecsaine was "similar to" alcantara - so didn't realise it was actually the same stuff.

I had leather seats in my last two cars and didn't think I'd ever have man made seats again, but I actually really like the Ecsaine - better than leather in some respects - though yet to see if it lasts so so well - we'll see.

Lexus obviously believe that it's not what the market wants given that the new IS200s all seem to have leather like the 300s.


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Yeah, everybody's going leather mad!!!

Want to buy a new suit for the house, but they are all leather (and not really keen on it in the house) anyway I digress....

I agree I like the Escaine as well !!!!!

must be a posh house if you need to wear a suit in it :lol:

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My loan car I got yesterday has leather all round in the IS, tbh I prefer the Escaine, like an earlier comment I never realised it was the same thing as Alcantara, the leather gets pretty cold.

Saying that though I'd put up with it for an IS300 ;)

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Aido - yes - I agree.

Squarehead - yes - we do. Are we still on a leather theme here?

Re leather Suite for house - definitely can recommend it.

After reluctantly getting leather in the Celica (it was the only choice on the 190) I was converted, and decided that when it came to buying a new suite we had to have leather, though g/f wasn't convinced. After 2 years the suite looks absolutely as good as new and g/f admits it was a good buy. It cost a bit more than the alternatives we looked at in fabric but it's worth every penny. You're probably going to change your wheels every few years, but imho a decent leather suite will last almost for ever.

Thinking about it, that's the only decision I got to make on the furnishing of our whole house, but it was definitely a good one.

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