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Tyre Dealer Scratched My Alloys & Bumper

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Hi Guys,

Just had 2 punctures repaired on my 2 rear wheels on my IS last Friday. Cleaned the car this morning and have noticed that they have scratched the alloy rims all round (like if they have been kerbed) and they have also scratched the bumper when putting the spare back into the car.

If I take the car to them can I prove it or will they deny it? Or is it normal for alloys to be scrached when they take the tyre off???

I'm really p****d off as the alloys were brand new replacements by lexus 2 months ago under warranty.

Any help or related problems appreciated!

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Hi mate sorry to hear this, you could take it back to them and say what are you going to do about my wheel & Bumper and see what they say,

when i took my car in to get new rims fitted i made the guy who was going to do it look round the car and also look at the rims, and i said to him if there is any marks on the car or rims they would have to pay to get it fixed, so with that he had no way of geting out of it if there was. :whistling:

did you look round the car when you picked it up or not, if you did not then all they will say it was not them who did it ;)

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Cheers guys for your feedback.

The trouble is i've used & trusted this garage before, I just jumped in the car and drove off happy as they repaired 2 punctures, laser aligned for £38 which I was happy with.

I now have to go back & be seen as the bad person - I am really annoyed with them..

I'll phone them tomorrow and see what they have to say about it - will let you know .

I've certainly learnt from this for next time....

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sounds like they didnt adjust there tyre machine correctly

and besides they should be using the plastic inserts on the machine, the ones designed to stop damage occuring to alloy wheels

go back and show them

its too easy to deny it on the phone ;)

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Same think happened to me mate. If its the same black mark around the majority of the rim that was left on mine and you can prove the wheels are 2 months old. I would say you have a fair case. The mark is easily reconizeable as being caused by the tyre changing machine and not a kerb mark. It really is bad workmanship and can be avoided if done correctly. Probably the garage gimp did them.

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Similar happened to me - all 4 wheels though.

I got them replaced and the tyre shop paid for it.

Worth popping to see tyre shop boss and discussing politely imo.

Sometimes better than being confrontational straight away :)

Incidentally, if they've only recently been swapped for refurbs....

Pristine (who do them for Lexus) will swap them again for half price.

This aplies up to 12 months from replacement if memory serves.

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Similar happened to me last week when a tyre place picked up my car to change three tyres.

Worse was when I suspect a paintshop hit a kerb so hard it bent bits of the suspension and cost me £974 (car did 9 miles while being sprayed). They're not gonna admit taking my car for a spin and cough up nearly £1000 are they though :angry:

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Ok well finally managed to take the car to the tyre garage today.

I played it calm I didn't make any accusations, the manager denied it :angry: He said that they always use plastic holders to remove the tyre and pride themselves on being the best in the area.

I shown him the scratch and he said that could have happened anywhere, and to be fair it could have, but it's too obvious.

Anyway, I've learnt my lesson, I will always and I mean ALWAYS check my car over when it's been in for work.

I would mention who they are but, you just don't know who your dealing with these days....w*****s

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He said that they always use plastic holders to remove the tyre and pride themselves on being the best in the area.

The guys that did mine also used a plastic foot on their machine.

Even so, still scratched all 4 wheels all the way round so that's not an answer.

Anyway, still worth following up what i said about half price replacements.

That would be about 30quid a wheel for some newly refurbed ones from Lexus.

If dealer doesn't know about it, refer them to Pristine...

Hope that helps


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