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Been offered a free upgrade on my phones and after using the T610 ericcson,s need to go back to a decent phone by nokia ,any suggestions would be great as i am a total numbnuts when it comes to phones ,also will the nokias work with my ericcson Bluetooth kits :)

title should read nokia but am unable to edit it for some reason

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If it's a little phone you're after then a 6230 would probably be your best bet.

And yep, I've got a SE headset and it works fine with my Nokia's - using a 7610 at the moment, it's a bit like a toy really, the symbian stuffis good though, it can do allsorts.

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No mate, you can get a darker (black & red) version on Vodafone I think - I ended up with the creamy coloured one but I'm after the covers to convert it as it looks much better in dark (and I scratched this one the other day!)

The speakerphone is better on the 6230 than on the 7610 if you're into using that much, and the MP3 quality is much better on the 6230 - the 7610 only supports mono sound, and tends to skip if you just copy mp3's straight onto it without downsampling them to mono and a lowish bitrate (128k) first. The camera quality is higher resolution on the 7610 but to be honest the pics are a bit crap, in night mode it's pretty much a waste of space at times - results tend to vary a lot. Took my avatar pic yesterday with the 7610 and shrunk it down...

Overall I like it, it's bigger than the 6230 but it can do a lot more if you're not bothered about the MP3 playback - one other drawback of the 7610 is that it does not have any IR functionality - it's Bluetooth only - doesn't affect me as I've got a BT dongle but means I can't transfer stuff to and from my work laptop any more

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I've got the 6230 , it's such a powerful phone, for it's size - the 7610 is cool, but it's totally different, as it's based on the Symbian O/S.

I think I still prefer the 6230 - works great with the Nokia CK-7W car Kit too !


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