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Idea For More Power


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they will fit...........the price of one engine is $5000

TDI dont need to do it..........its not Rocket Science,

fitting should be pretty simple............bolt down extreamly bloody well.

ignition and fuel are the other main problems, but both should be simple to do........enter stage right my trust AeroEngineer :whistling:

so, strip the race car.........and build a Jet powered Lexus :yawn:

Sometimes, i think im Bonkers :unsure:

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entering stage right.............................a smaller engine would be better, considerations are: storage time/conditions, previous history, condition etc its a bit dodgy buying it without seeing it, if the fuel control unit ( fcu /hma) is knacked then ur talking major $$$$$$$$, a boroscope would give u a good idea of condition.

Would also be preferable to get one that does not have VIGV's (variable inlet guide vanes) or FADEC if u look at the rear engine u can see a fairly long straight bar, towards the front, this connects to the guide vanes for the compressor rotors, which makes things a lot more complicated.

ignition is not a problem - it only needs a few sparks at the initial spool up, after that u can turn the ignition off as it is self sustaining.

fuel and air control and instrumentation is a whole different ballgame tho something i would not look forward to :crybaby:

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Hmmm it works a bit like a turbocharger, it sounds like a huge turbocharger.....

....the only problem is... Would it fit??

The other question is.... would the engine withstand a few hundred kiloponds of boost..... :unsure:

With this you could really throw flames like in the FF movies... :blink:


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