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Radar Detectors


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Been offered a radar detector thingy that will detect X band K band frequencies as well as VG band.............

This means nothing to me..............

I'd like to be warned about the mobile units and when the unmarked car is behind me (its does the rear as well)

any good ?

made by Cobra

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dave,, the problem with detecting mobile units is that by the time the detector hasa warned you,, its too late as there laser has already targeted you.. however it is known that the remote control for people with automatic garage doors scatters the incoming laser fo a mobile unit and so when combined with the mobile laser detector unit can offer you a valuable second or two to slow down.

have a look

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Dave, what about maybe looking at the radar deflectors (is it laser or radar) that fit into the Origin B2's? Thre are a few of us here with them and you can get some that just connect straight into the Origin wiring harness :whistling:

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