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Air Pressure


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Do any of you guys keep your own tyre pressure gauge?

I went to the local Shell pump to check the tyre pressure. Something about the machine didnt seem right so I pumped them up to 34 psi in all wheels and drove off to a Tesco station. It showed 28/30 psi all around. So I took it to a Total station which showed 31/32 psi.

All machines showed a tolerance of +/- 1psi, but what i found was upto 15% lower. Are any of these gauges reliable? Arent the garages obligated to ensure that their gauges are fairly accurate?

I am thikinging of buying a tyre pressure gauge. Costs about a tenner at Halfords.

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It is a question of making your own judgement !! I have my own pressure guage, plus a cordless Bosch air bump with guage .... although these give nearly the same reading ( + or 1 psi ) how do I know these are right and not my local Total station? I do tend to believe mine though :)

You are right the petrol stations have an obligation to keep them accurate, but you have already proved they don't do it :(

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I use my own gauge - there are variations of up 5 psi in my area.

Although garage gauges are probably accurate when they're installed, I can understand the variation from looking at the state of some of them. The newer systems with pressure readouts in the box (sainsbury's etc) are more accurate in my experience.

Using my own gauge, I accept that there may be a few psi error but it will always be the same - so I'm always using a constant refernce.

My 2p

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