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Ecu Connector Block Identification.


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Can anyone help me identify the connector blocks in the ECU of an IS300 (2003)

i believe they are labeled E3 E4 etc (or the like),

i have found this spreadsheet for the US IS300, im assuminmg that the E3 to E7 runs from the front of the car to the rear, but would like this confirmed...

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Looking at these diagrams it appears the wiring on the ECU was changed between 2001 and 2002 which why my diagrams conflicted. However looking at IS300 2001 and GS300 2001 the connectors are labelled the other way around - gs E2-E7 and the is E7-E2 - all the pins are the same just the connector blocks labled left to right and right to left.

This may be the same on the 2002+ IS. It may be worth tracing an easy wire to see what connector it appears on so you can work out the order of the connectors. Pick something you can easily reach like the MAF sensor or TPS etc. and find the other end on the ECU.

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i see colin,, do you have any docs that are presented similar to that spreadsheet, what im after is confrimation of 2 pins,, SLT + & SLT - (autos)

in my book for the is300 (2003 ) i have SLT is pin 15 and SLT+ is pin 9.

SLT+ is Black/ Yellow

SLT is Red/Black

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