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Ipaq 2210 Gps Receiver

Gavin G

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I currently have a HP iPAQ 2210 and TomTom Navigator 3 Software and I now need a GPS receiver to use it for Sat Nav.

The obvious choice would be a TomTom receiver but I'm not keen on the wired version as I don't want unnecessary cables and though the silver Bluetooth one looks cool I'm put off by the fact it has to be charged at least once a day :(

However, having looked on good old eBay I see that there are a few types of Compact Flash and SD GPS receivers compatible with my iPAQ and TomTom 3.

My question for anyone out there who is clued up on GPS receivers is are there any difference in terms of performance of these GPS receivers compared to say the TomTom ones as they seem to be a lot smaller? Some of them have an external antenna to so I wonder does this help much?

I don't want to fork out for one if it isn't as good as the others and I would probably settle for a TomTom Bluetooth but I would prefer one of the CF/SD as they are neat and don't require charging as they are powered by the iPAQ.

Any help/advice much appreciated.

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To be honest mate I had a Globalsat BT308 which was good but it's now died :(

I've been looking at the TomTom Bluetooth one myself, you can get them for £100 on eBay with a cradle kit for the car too which I could do with.

All the reviews of these bits of kit can be found over at - if yiu take a look there you will see al the bits of kit and comparisons to give you more of an idea :)

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Best ones at the moment (wired, Bluetooth & card) use the SIRF II (& variations) chipsets.

Have a look at the reviews at pocketgps.

Card receivers are compact and fairly easy to configure. Be aware that they use the PDA Battery so Battery life is reduced if walking etc - however for car use with a charger this is not a problem. The other consideration is that as the receiver is in the PDA, positioning can be more critical than other types, although most receivers are quite good nowdays. Be aware that cars with heated windscreens (some Fords & Renaults) can cause a problem. This is not an issue with Lex's - I use my Bluetooth GPS on the dashboard.

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