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Differences In Phase 1 And 2, Is200 Sport

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Hi, im considering buying a used IS200 Sport. I understand Lexus changed the spec of the IS200 slightly, sometime mid-term. I have seen some early models with the normal half leather, but some newer models with the same half leather but with added piping.

Anyone know the actual change over date of this spec change, and were there any other changes made?

Thanks in advance.


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Erm, the Sep 2000 model introduced electric passenger seat, the Sep 2001 model introduced a lower ride height (15mm drop opposed to 10mm before) and I think everything else was cosmetic changes, ie dash went from brown to black, oh and I forgot about the airbags on the A pillars - think they're 01?

Not sure which one introduced the black chrome lights, think it was Sep 03 model?

The new one's get full leather, HID's, and you get a quick shifter kit in the new ones.

Can't remember what else changed, over the years the little things like windscreen washers changed too, from 2 jets, to 3 jets, to fan washers. alloys changed on new cars too.

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