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Can't Get Trunk Open! Help!

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The Trunk on my 1990 LS400 cannot be opened by inside release by the key. I've been to a locksmith who seemed confused as well as dealer who referred me to a body shop. It appears that the locking bar is permanently shut. If anyone has had experience or can give advice, it would be appreciated.

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This happened to me on my 93 LS. Have you tried the Master key? If the lock inside under the steering wheel has been turned ,then only the master key will release it.

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Thank you all for post, but the Master Key idea will not work - I've tried it. The next option, according to Lexus, is to drill out the trunk lock by a body shop. Or, go in through the back seat and drill a hole in the metal wall, try to access the bar that is "stuck" in the lock position, and see if that doesn't work.

I have called several Lexus dealers now, and they've made these recommendations. I was just hoping that someone had actually done it, and, if so, could say which method they used.

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on my '94 series 2, the boot/trunk has a switch behind the keyhole and electrically unlocks it.

Have you checked all fuses? try turning the key in the boot and giving it a slap on top.[not a thump or bang!]

If the lock is on on the inside for fuel lid etc, this may not work!

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