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Fuel Cat


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When getting into my Lex this morning I was given a leaflet regarding "Fuel Cat"

It's a catalytic fuel treatment that says it gives you more power, better fuel consumption (8-15%), carbon deposit build up is eliminated ensuring cleaner engine oil & lower emissions.

It also states that using high octane petrol is a thing of the past as the Fuel Cat compensates for the drop in octane when switching back to standard unleaded.

You can either place into your fuel tank, or it fits into your fuel line and is very simple to do.

I was just wondering if anybody on here has one fitted to their car, or know any information good or bad.

If it claims can be backed up then I reckon it will be a purchase in the not to distant future.



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Legend has it ...

Subaru UK used devices like this on some of their 'special' imprezas.

The catalyst compensates for the fact the cars were expecting japanese grade fuel.

Classic car owners use them too as a substitute for leaded fuel....

In fact, they've been about for yonks.

Used during WW2 - particularly in Russia i believe to enable use of their crap fuel.

There's quite a lot of stuff about such 'fuel catalysts' about.

A lot of it is interesting reading too ..


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