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Prolex-uk Bling Gear Some Pics


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Very nice Dave, think I'll have to be having me one of those Battery bars and the shiny strut!!

Not sure about that gear knob though, doesn't go with anything in the interior (think I've been watching too many home improvement programmes!)

Might look alright in Maz's car as his dash is the orangey colour?

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Battery bar for me please or else .......!

Also the strut brace kit if it fits and clears my SC air intake and Sc standard air box... !! Or double else ... I'll press that nitrous button whist on the stip with ya...

I better bring my tools tomorrow eh ... :whistling:

Arhhh ... I'LL also take those 2 shiny salt and pepper shakers of your hands...

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these are the samples........

The strut brace will be fitted to Mr Shipley's machine (S/C'd)

The Battery bar to Barries car

Strut brace MAY fit the tezza but am in disccussions with the manufacturer as I wanted the tower bar to fit IS/Altezza and cars with TEIN Flex (mine) and it doesnt :yawn:

Need someone to bring a set of good qaulity allen keys please :whistling:

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In forms of thickness of the strut brace and height of the towers, how does your kit compare with the cucso one I already have?

Do you think it will fit better? As currently my cucso one rubs on the SC airbox ,,


will see tomorrow as we are fitting it to Chris Shipleys car

First trial fitment in public :whistling: :P

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I will take 1 of those prolex brass knob, and a battery bar please Dave let me know the ordering and paying details when you can matey, thank


Will you be there ?

No Dave, sorry, as i dont have the car atm, and also got the flus again so cant make it.... :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:

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