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19" Wheels And Wider Tyres?


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Much as I love my RX MK 2. I park it most days by a collegues X5 and he's forever pointing out that he's got bigger wheels and fatter tyres than me. When I look out of my office window at the rear of my car all I see now are my under size boots. They say size isn't important but believe me in this case it is :unsure:

I know 20" wheels would look great but in the interest of maintaining ride comfort (its an SE-L with Air Sus) I am going to settle on 19". Finding the wheels to fit a new RX is proving harder than I thought and I dont really want them specially made.

Any suggestions as to where to source some nice 19's? and what is the widest I can go to on the rear? Will 275's fit without causing problems?

Oh yeah and they need to be quality wheels don't mind paying (its worth it to shut up a typical X5 driver :winky: )

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You could try sending a Pm to Alex JDMPartsGuru

His sure to have some information on wheels and offsets to fit etc ...Perhaps possible to supply some nice ones from the far east, or Mr Ellen PROLEX UK may be able to help together with TDi PLC, theres a link up the top for TDi, give em a call and ask for nathan or Mark.. There open today.

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I know they are 20" and not 19" but Ian said they didn't affect ride quality too much. Very expensive but he may take your existing wheels as PX. Don't know if he has left though.


are you saying that ian has left ??

or is there a missing "any"

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