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I'm looking at the alloy and tyre packages, have been looking at these, please let me know if there are any problems with this make - WolkRage -


It was the design that made me look, price is not bad either, but cheaper than some other I seen around. I'm looking at the 18" Versions.



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They're nice mate, think they remind me of some of the Kahn's, had a look on the Wolfrace website and they've got a simulator where you can check out wheels on the car but they haven't got that type of alloy listed for the GS's.

As a totally different option, what about seeing if Dave can get some different RacingHart alloys in for you as they are very nice after seeing Bazza's, plus you'd have that rare Jap style wheel on them mate :)

Going to see if I can dig up some pics for you fella!

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Was thinking of the open space to allow for easier cleaning and also showing of the new paint work and stickers on the calipers and also the disc's when I get round to doing this lot.

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Here's a couple of different styles which look nice:

Nice wheels

Looking for a better pic of that one on the left!

Cheers Aido, now you got me thinking that the closer spoked alloy's would also look good, just not seen any lately to be able to judge :unsure: think I need to carry on looking for some others now, :lol:

May have to take a pic of mine tomorrow (Once I cleaned her that is) and try some photo-shopping of some alloy's and see which would better. B)

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Paul, five spokes would look incredible on your car - look at these:


And a better pic of those wheels which look a bit like John (Wosket's)

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