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As most of you know it locks itself automatically after 30s once the unlock button is pressed if access is not made within this time via the door. However, is the following normal or is it a fault. I unlocked got in but did not ignite the steering with the key. The key is on top of Glove box & I am getting ready for my journey. Then bang it locks presumably after 30s. I then sit still and do not move thinking that the sensors will detect my movement. But no. I get going. Can some one explain.

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Sounds like the door open sensor is not working if it locked itself. Open the door and make sure the warning light appear on the instrument cluster.

I think it takes 30seconds for the alarm to arm the interior sensor and I'm not sure if the full alarm is armed when it auto locks - it may just lock with no alarm and rely on the seperate immobiliser which is disarmed by inserting a known key into the ignition barrel.

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