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Hi Guys

Was having the aircon recharged by my local garage - not Lexus - the other day and we got to talking about cabin air filters. The mechanic thought that my 1996 GS 300 should have one but didn't know where it was at.

Does anyone know if there is one, please, and if so is it easy for a duffer to replace!!??

Cheers :winky:


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Very many thanks, Colin, for your helpful reply.

I've removed the black plastic cover below the glove box and found the grey plastic bar about 7x1 inches long held with two neat little brass wing nuts. Taking these off and leavering out the bar revealed a fair bit of dust, and you were right no filter, but I can see where it should fit, so will order one ASAP. The site you directed me to quoted a part number 88880-30040 so will try that out with Lexus Norwich!!

Many thanks again.


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How much are Toyota cabin filters ?

If it's the active carbon one from the GS they are about £55. You need the plastic carrier but once you have that you can buy the replaceable part for about £23 from rather than spending £55 each time.

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