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Knicked My Rims!


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Well today I took a clumsy turn and hit my front tire on the curb and to my displeasure I heard a very nasty grinding sound, so immediatly I pulled over and sure enough I have scraped my rims. If you know what im talking about its like a little streak near the edge of it where its all bumpy looking now ... :angry:

Now this is REALLY aggrivating me, is there a product I can buy to touch it up a bit or try to hide it, or do I have to buy a new rim. Do you think my dealership would have one?! Its a 98 Ls400 and the rims are stock.

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Do search for wheel repair or refinish. Curb can be repaired, no need to buy a new rim. If it is just curb rash, then it is merely a cosmetic issue.

By the way, check if you have a full size spare wheel in your trunk. If that one is nicer than you can just exchange your current wheel for your spare one.

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