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What A Way To Start Your Day...

Dr Evil

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My start to the day: I walked out the front door and thought "it's raining...must drive carefully in the wet as the wheel alignment is out...still at least it's booked in to get it sorted out....oh today" Went back into house to work at home until the dealers opened. Glad it rained or I'd have forgotten.

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I've just met a guy who claims he's going to start a new world religion and spread the word to the faithful via specially encoded DVDs. :excl:

I feel the rest of the day is going to be rather dull in comparison.

LMAO,, thats funny....when wil the dvd be released... can i get it on a download yet..

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Region 1 or region 2 DVD?

Will it be widescreen version?

Does this mean that the people who only have video recorders cannot be converted?

Don't you just love entrepenuers!!

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