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Not really a topic but glad to say I have joined the LS club at last. Just bought a 2003 LS 430 and can't wait to take delivery. Made the move from BMW - great drivers cars marred by too many niggly faults and now a total lack of exclusivity.

Rillo :D

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Thanks to all for the very warm welcome. Best thing about the LS apart from the luxury is that it is a surprisingly quick car - on the test drive I scared the life out of a young lad in a Subaru Impreza :lol:

Bet he wasn't getting 11.2 mpg though ;)

I take delivery next week and can't wait....

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Well, had the car for a bit now so can be more objective..... :winky:

It's fantastic!! :)

Only slight problems I have had were a creaky drivers seat, smelly aircon (see my other post for fix) and a small rattle in the central vents. Central vent trim and the drivers seat base were replaced under warranty. Work carried by Lexus Bracknell who have been excellent.

Getting about 29 mpg on the motorway and 18ish around the town.

So very pleased with the car but not the neanderthal who opened a door into mine... :tsktsk:


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