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Shipping Some Wheels

Colin P

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Anyone got any ideas on the cheapest way to ship 4 wheels from the usa to here? I think I remember a member mentioning they were doing this, maybe Mr Singh but i'm not too sure? I dont think they would let me check them in when I fly, I was thinking I could bring one or two back though maybe and then the other two at christmas when I go again, but aside from that anyone else got any ideas?

Suppose places to check are FedEx, UPS, USPS any others?


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DHL as well but I'd have thought the cheapest option would be to send them USPS Global Surface shipping.

Will take a while, but it will get here!

I guess you could ask the airline what their POV is on stuff like this, I've seen some stranger items checked in before, plus you could try and sneak it through nothing to declare!!!!

Good luck in Atlanta or Toronto as well mate, can't remember which one you said the interview was at ;)

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Atlanta, I leave on tuesday. Should be interesting!

I'll ask the airline but I sure excess baggage would be a lot but then if I get through customs with them that would save a bit!

if you get through customs !! :o

might look a bit suspect

could try shipping them yourself

and labelling them as warranty, sample or for prototype use

the customs and excise are red hot at the moment for any items from the USA

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