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That's incredible, can't be much left of the GS - looks like the original engine though?

That carbon fibre interior is impressive as well!

Amazing bit of work, I was reading about the supercharged GS430 on there and the NA 430 that is doing 5.3 0-60 but missed this one!

So, boys, when are you installing your turbos :lol:

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i think this thread should be closed !


before mat sees it

dont want him getting any more ideas :lol:

i wonder how much of the original GS is still there , the bodywork somehow looks strange , looks very fibreglassy,

is cool though :D

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Intresting project, the carbon work and tubbed rear end are very well done.

NigelF, if you see this that is the R32GTR that Tynadago has been working on, belongs to another Marc ;-)

Was seen running against a supra on the GTR forum last week, not a great first run for the guy .... 11s I think but its got the potental to run the 9.

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We have one close to us that produces (alledgedly but I recon it prolly is) close to that figure, certainly its guestimated over the 1000hp anyway.

It doesnt run anywhere near those times best its ever ran is 9.9 but I have never seen it run close to that time, generally high to mid 10s.

To go from a 10 to a 7 second pass is some achievement, its a different world. For me personally the engine is fair doos but its the car thats making the difference. Lot of lightweight panels, rear tubbed end is just excellent and I will guess its still running a race auto box.

Never personally had any doubts about the Supra block being up to the job just was never convinced the Supra was the car to put it in :P I am not a big fan of driving them, its like looking out of a letterbox and the car handles like a tank.

Now a Supra engine in a Lex, well thats a different story and it looks like a wining formula :) ;)

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This is the spec

Well, the car is 2JZ powered, has a triple disc titanium East West clutch, Gforce GF2000 transmission, Carbon fiber driveshaft, 78mm Turbonetics turbo, 5'' downpipe, HKS manifold, Hogans sheet metal intake, Sparco air to water intercooler, Motec M800, Motec CDI, Racepak V300, and Lots of carbon fiber. The car is making about 1400RWHP. We still have lots to figure out, still trying to dial in the chassis.
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