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Leaking On Front Doors With Roofbars


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Hi all,

I fitted my roofbars last week and need them again next week so have left them on. With the reasonably heavy rain we've had in the last three days I've noticed that the door seals are leaking around the feet of the front roofbar! :unsure:

This has quite alarmed me! I tried speaking to Lexus GB to see if they had any other reports like this and they didn't. They put me through to their Technical Query department that is meant to be reserved soley for the use of the Dealers. They hadn't any history of the problem either. :crybaby:

They recommended I go to a Lexus Centre and have photos taken and a report filed. They also suggested it could simply be the weather seal is damaged and needs replacement. :question:

Has anyone else on here experienced anything similar or any suggestions what it could be? Any help would be much appreciated. :winky:



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i've used my roofbars quite a few times. never had a leak and the cars been parked up in the rain for quite a while at times with the roofbars on.

you have a unique problem!

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