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You need the wiring loom and everything mate, I think this has been looked into multiple times and it's not cost effective, you're looking at > £3k I believe which is why people go for the aftermarket options and not the official Lexus kit.

Some of the guys will be along later with the full details for you.

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Too expensive buddy....

I use an iPAQ with TomTom Navigator 3 car kit which works great.

Should get change out of £500 for the cost of ipaq, Nav 3 and car kit if you shop about.

I think TomTom have also brought out a GPS specific car kit which you can also get for under £500.

Found it...take a look at their website


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Thanks for that mate.

I have actually been offered the unit/screen with housing pretty cheap to be honest. if this is all i need then i would buy it. Obviously if other parts are needed aswell, then it may not be worth it.

When you say unit/screen do you mean both the screen and the computer unit in the boot? Each of those items are about £2000 each. You then need a disc (£150 CD based, £300 for DVD) the controller and aerial. After you have all the bits you would need to make up the wiring because the wires to connect them all up are not part of the standard loom

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Ive only been offered the screen with housing and motor. If the unit in the boot is that much then i think ill give it a miss! :whistling:

May go for the Tom Tom kit that Alex has suggested. Looks good and reasonably priced. Just seen it on e-bay for around £400.

Thanks for your time guys.

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