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Engine Start


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The Clifford engine start is pretty good ..... it can be deemd as safe ... and can be deeemd as unsafe in my opinion !

To have the engine start on your alarm, you need to have a spare key hidden in the dash, or at least the microchip part of the key hidden so that the car will start !

Once the car is started ....... if you place your key in the ignition, then you can drive away.

But if you attempt to press any of the pedals, with out first placing a key in the ignition then the car will stall and cut out !

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Wife has Cliffords "Intelistart" upgrade on her escort cossie. Best thing ever :D :D :D But its not cheap and she added it to a much bigger system.

Set the A/C in winter to war up the car and defrost it while everybody else scrapes the ice from there cars. Sets it in summer to chill the car before she gets in.

It wont start if you leave it in gear, little laser grid running across the base of the gear stick shaft and wont start if bonnet up. :)

Engine will stop after 20mins.

Engine will start itself if outside temp gets to low and if Battery power level gets low. Havn't tried the temp or power thing yet, it hasn't got that cold and i never let her Battery get power get low.

Engine stops and alarm has a fit if try to move the car without the correct fob and key.

If you rev the car over 2000rpm (without the correct keys) engine stops and alarm goes mad, put the car in gear, push the brake or generally breath to much and the alarm system will just go in to one. :P :P :hehe::hehe: :P :D :hehe:

And its great for freaking people out in Tesco's carparks. :lol: :D :lol: :D

Start the car up, drop the windows and turn the headlights on. Works every time. :D :lol: :D

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i was parked up once with a group of people, checking out each others cars :shifty: . and this lad was bragging about his new alarm system. he said you can get it to start off we all said go on them show us, so he pressed his button on his keypad and it suddenly started and jumped forward and went straight in to the wall of the local Halfords store. oh how we laughed :lol: it was a few years ago when these systems first came out

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