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New Ps2 Shipping Soon

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Sony have re-designed the PS2, and its significantly smaller.

I think it looks cool, and may well buy one for the bedroom.

Posting here, as I know there are always people considering DVD / PS2 / XBox type installs, and the reduction in size is sigificant.

If you are tight on space, you might wanna hold on for a bit.



and compared to the XBox


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size is'nt everything..

Compared to the X-box, what can it do ?

same as the old PS2.

its smaller

quieter - no fan

believe it has built in IR for dvd remote

built in ethernet

main reason for posting here, is that it looks ideal for a glovebox.

whereas the xbox onky just fits in the boot!!! :lol::lol:

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That looks good, could be a good enough excuse for me to buy another PS2 as I sold mine a few years back :)

Wonder if they've left space for a mod chip this time as that looks like everythings going to be SMT :whistling:

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It's meant to be out on 1st Nov.

Only problem with in-car installation is the drive is top loading so you need lots of space above it for the lid to open. Has an external power supply so should be easier to make it run from the car supply.


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Looks better...

Isn't there another one due soon too with HD + TV etc etc..

All in one entertainment system - in japan already i think i read.

I kind of lost interest in games around the chuckie egg + robotron era ...

I'm bored by the time the intro is done these days :)

That would be the PSX

but due to the poor sales in Japan, I doubt it will come out over here now.

I guess Xbox 2 will be the one to watch next :)

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