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First 3000 Miles - Thoughts

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Been lurking this forum for a few months, but now I've clocked 3000 miles in my RX300, I reckoned the time was right to surface and post a few thoughts on what has proved a great car.

I opted for the "budget" RX300 ("We don't sell many of those, sir!" said my local dealer). Well, I think that's a shame because even the "entry level" version is great value. Sure, I miss the leather and sunroof, but with my XDA and TomTom satnav, I don't feel I've missed out by not buying the SE/SE-L.

The standard stereo is more than adequate (once 'driver' mode is selected), fuel economy is spot on the quoted 22mpg value (I queue for 2 hours a day in city traffic in the week - then offset it with fast A/M roads at the weekend).

The car is quiet and comfort compares very favourably with a colleague's Range Rover - the legroom is the back is very impressive while the boot swallows our 3-wheel buggy without even breaking sweat!

Performance doesn't quite live up to the 0-60mph in 9s quoted (which is similar to a Toyota Celica VVTi I owned previously). I assume that relies on manual shifts to achieve that level of performance (although with the MPG reading dropping to 5mpg under acceleration, you soon stop worrying about sports car performance!!)

Quirks? A few! For example, I have managed to get it slipping sideways on a muddy country lane. This suprised me - although it may be true-to-form for a 4x4 with road tyres.

I'm also disappointed that a simple reverse sensor isn't fitted as standard - it would make parking considerably easier, although the side mirrors do provide excellent visibility.

Overall, I'm very pleased I chose the RX300 over similarly priced SUV/4x4. I'd also suggest that potential buyers consider the entry level model as it really is outstanding value.

Here's to many more RX miles,


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Sounds like you're very happy Tim :)

The RX is a beautiful looking car, to be honest with you even though I've got a sunroof in my car I never really use it and I've spent more time trying to figure out how to make it quieter and stop it rattling so I wouldn't miss it!

Welcome to LOC too even though you've been lurking for a few months :)

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Welcome to LOC Tim .... I'm also with Aido on that one ..... I also have the sunroof in my IS ... but have I ever used it ? NO !

So you won't be missing much , glad you like the RX - I too think it's a nice car, not for me just yet though, maybe someday !

Hope you enjoy your stay here @ LOC !

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congrats! The car is still the same great car also without all the options.

I do have the sunroof (or moonroof nowadays) too and I DO use it. On not-so-fast roads and in the city, I prefer to get fresh air in instead of using the aircon all the time, weather permitting...Even at 100 km/h the windnoise isn't disturbing front or back passengers.

For me the backwindows are a no-opener..the pressure difference is really disturbing...but that's rather normal for any car.

Make great trips, take care of aqua planing!

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Buying a "budget" RX is kinda like saying you bought a cheap (but genuine) Rolex, may not have the diamond bezel but still tells the time and looks the part. To be honest I wish I had taken more time to look at the entry car because I don't think I am ever going to use some of the features on my SE-L. It took me seven weeks to find out that the sunroof wasn't working and that was only because of something I read on this Forum. The air suspension just gives me something to talk about and an extra button on the dash and I can't really say that the Levinson audio is any better than other factory systems I've listened to, unless you turn the volume right up then it sounds great, but big base and high db's isn't really RX style if you know what I mean !

Funny, I've been driving for over 20 years (39 yrs old) and all kinds of cars, I managed just fine without Sat Nav and Reversing Sensors. Don't remember hitting another car when I was parking. got lost a few times but always got to where I was going and back again. Now though, I can't live without them. I've just got to have these things, all of them - and more - because thats the way things are these days. One of my partners just bought a 42" plasma tv, I've managed just fine with my 32" Phillips 100htz widescreen - until now. Now I have got to get a 42" plasma/LCD, can't fight it, I'll try for a day or two, but I know I'm destined to go get one. I don't know if there is a cure for this obsesive desire to have the best you can get just just because 'you can' but I'd say you are a sensible bloke Tim and I wish to hell I was like that, I'd certainly be a whole lot better off financially.

Thats enough waffle from me, enjoy your RX mate, I'm off to buy a tv.

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