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Montrose Blue Paint Colour...

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Looking to get a can of spray paint to start colour coding my parking sensors before I fit them next weekend... I finally tracked down the colour reference on here (thanks Colin :) ) but when I called Halfrauds they recon there are 4 types of the colour!

I checked the colour spec plate in the car and all it says is 8P4... so I checked with Lexus parts and they only have one colour as well...

So the question is... what one of the four should I go for from Halfords ?

Latest I can get down thier is 19:30 tonight, but by then it will be dark so less chance of a colour match (the car looks black in the dark :) )

Any ideas ?


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There is only one 8P4, the name doesn't really matter. Toyota also use the colour but it's called something else.

Why not just buy the spray from Lexus? You get both the colour and clear-coat for about the same price as a single can from Halfords. Probably have to order it in though so ring them first.

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Yeah, thats what I am going to resort to, I went down to Halfrauds, and as usual it was mupperty big time LOL not sure why I bothered now!

btw, the spray was only 8.99 made up which I thought was very cheap - I had a quote for an areosol for 14.99 + VAT from a spray shop in Boro that I used to use!

I'll give Croft Toyota/Lexus a call this morning and see what they can do.


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