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Open Road Day, Thurs, 21st Oct, Tomorrow!


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apart from T600/Tony (who's not EVEN been invited by Lexus Nottingham! :whistling: shame on them ! :blush: :o ) is anyone going to this tomorrow?

i'm booked in for the 1st slot 10.30am - 12.30pm for my annual play of all things big, fast & Lexus! there doesn't appear to an off-road section this year, which is a shame, cos i didn't get around to muddy paddling an RX around a field last year & i really fancied having a go this time!

:driving: right, lets see what this baby can REALLY do.... :whistling: (i wouldn't recommend buying a demo if it's been subjected to an open road day!)

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i had a great time thanks! :D all the more for me to play with if they didn't invite many peeps!!

1st out - SC430 - need i say more... ;) cracking car & i just HAD to have the roof down for a few miles, even if it was freezing! B) dunno if i could justify all that money on one though...

2nd - RX300SE-L - one of my faves anyway. loads of gizmos to play with & such a presence on the road. could be a definite possibility for our next car, especially with the Hybrid coming out.

3rd - best til last i think...LS430 - wow! quality, quality, quality!!! :D those who don't know different might think it looks like a great big barge of a car but it drives brilliant & don't half shift!

thanks Nottingham - great few hours with the expensive toys - everyone was really friendly & helpful (well, they do get set free from the office/showroom afterall!)

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