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Just ordered an '05 SE-L :P

Almost went for a new Toyota Land Cruiser LC5 3.0 Diesel but in the end decided I didn't have enough kids or do enough off-road stuff to miss out on the RX experience ;)

Anyway, should get it in a couple of weeks - can't wait :driving:

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Yes went to Lexus Leicester - found them to be excellent. Went for Platinum Ice + Pembroke in the end - not that adventurous I know (maybe the reason it's available so quickly :unsure:) but it's similar to my current car so I'm happy enough with it.

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Same as mine, may not be adventurous but looks spot on. Hope you'll enjoy it. Let us know how you get on.

Just picked it up - very happy so far. :)

New traffic avoidance system is great - while driving home it suddenly started saying "accident" and about a 1/4 mile later there were fire engines, ambulances etc. everywhere - very impressive!

Must go and have a read of the manual now to see what other toys it has, then try to get some serious driving time in over the weekend :driving:

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