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Fuel Consumption Question


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Answer me this

Every Weds I go for a drink down in Birmingham

Normally I drive at around 70-75 mph, and I use around qtr of a tank each way

Now coming back last night I come back at around 80mph, but I only used two notches on the fuel guage

:duh: :duh:

Im puzzled how that works

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Can't answer that unless when you started, the fuel guage was 'teetering' on edge of about to drop a notch and when you got home, its teetering again to drop another one but just hasn't got there, therefore giving the impression it hasn't used much.

Personally, I don't rate fuel guages in any car as being accurate. I run my car down to fumes before filling up, sometimes I get the needle actually sitting on the bar below the empty sign and I fill up to find I still have 2 litres left. But then other times, i get the needle to the same spot, ie. just sitting on the bar and I find I still have 8-10 litres left when filling up. I've never had a car that is accurate. Even the ones that have a computer to tell you how many miles you have left before running out is normally wrong.

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You haven't reset the ECU or anything have you Chris? When I initialise mine the car usually runs rich for a while and then settles down after a few resets - unless this is something to do with your new engine running in?

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